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  Δεν εχετε Game Console, Sony Playstation μήπως Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, iPod ή Microsoft Xbox 360 για να παιζετε δωρεαν παιχνιδια, ουτε και εμεις! Αλλα μπορουμε να παιξουμε computer free games online σε καθε υπολογιστη! Απο τη δουλεια, το σπιτι ή το internet cafe, απο desktop computer ή το laptop σας στην παραλια, απο Apple computer ή Pc με windows ή linux. Χωρις download στο computer σας παιξτε dorean paixnidia. Το Arcade Games εχει τα καλυτερα παιχνίδια και παιζει παντου! Με νεα δωρεαν παιχνιδια γνωσεων και video, Greek Movies καθε μηνα, εδω το παιχνιδι παιρνει αλλη διασταση. Καλη διασκέδαση με paidika paixnidia.

Νεα Παιχνιδια
1.Bloons Tower 5
2.Minecart Madness
3.Canyon Defense 2
4.Canyon Shooter 2
5.Baja Motocross
6.Commando 3
8.Saloon Brawl
9.Boom Bugs
10.Lady Gaga Dress up
11.Free Bike
12.Superhero Pizza
13.Egg Blast
14.Hong Kong Ninja
15.Monster island
16.Basketball in the Streets
17.Egyptian Tale
18.Assault Course
19.On The Run Vegas
20.Blackbeards Island
21.Gorillaz tiles
22.The power of Smiling
23.The Orangutan and the Hound
24.Funny Circus
25.Ben 10 Power Splash
Δημοφιλή παιχνίδια
1. Super Deal - Deal or No Deal
2. Ταβλι Backgammon
3. Παιχνίδι με βελάκια Balloons Monkey Game
4. Tetris Game
5. Gold Miner
6. Tetris
7. Bubble Bobble
8. Pac Man
9. Super Mario Rampage
10. Monopoly Game Μονοπολη
11. Bike Mania
12. Mario 2
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Τελευταίες αναζητήσεις παιχνιδιών:
1 deliver
2 l
3 paixnidia
4 sudoku
5 racing
6 gold miner
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2 Many Bugs Icon
3 Stars Icon

2 Many Bugs

Capture the bugs!
3 Finder Icon
3 Stars Icon

3 Finder

Find the order of balls asked in the ring.
3D Pool Icon
3 Stars Icon

3D Pool

Sink as many balls as you can before time runs out.
3D Super Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon

3D Super Ball

Bounce the ball on the wall to get a highscore.
501 Darts Icon
3 Stars Icon

501 Darts

Reach exactly zero in as few throws as possible.
Abbas On A Mission Icon
3 Stars Icon

Abbas On A Mission

Help abba go up up up!
Abyss Icon
3 Stars Icon


Click on the groups to remove them before time runs out!
Acorn Catcher Icon
3 Stars Icon

Acorn Catcher

Collect as many acorns and fruits as possible before time runs out.
Aircraft Lander Icon
3 Stars Icon

Aircraft Lander

Fly the plane around with left and right arrow keys and land it on the airport runway when all your fuel runs out.
Alien Dash Icon
3 Stars Icon

Alien Dash

Try and cross the street without getting hit before you are out of time.
Anacondas Icon
3 Stars Icon


Grab as many orchids as you can in the time alotted. The faster you get the orchids, the more points you get.
Angel Bothorius Icon
3 Stars Icon

Angel Bothorius

Unfortunate Angle Bothorius fell through a hole in a cloud on his way back from work. He lost all his feathers and couldnt fly back. Help Angle Bothorius collect all his feathers in a woody sky land.
Animal Hunter Icon
3 Stars Icon

Animal Hunter

Roam around the forest hunting animals with your bow and arrow. Dont let the time run out!
Animotion Icon
3 Stars Icon


Put down various goodies and sprites and make your own animation.
Answering Machine Icon
3 Stars Icon

Answering Machine

Select the different messages and play them back for your phone.
Arachnid Falls Icon
3 Stars Icon

Arachnid Falls

Type in the letter as they appear on the Arachnids to destroy them! Make sure they dont get your cherries!
As Told by Ginger Icon
3 Stars Icon

As Told by Ginger

Color the objects on the screen.
Assault Part 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon

Assault Part 3

Avoid the cameras and make your way through the enemy base.
Astroseries Icon
3 Stars Icon


An epic sci-fi adventure game with a great storyline.
Aviator Imp Icon
3 Stars Icon

Aviator Imp

Launch The Imp through the sky and see how far you managed the Imp to go without stopping.
Ball Bounce Icon
3 Stars Icon

Ball Bounce

Bounce the ball through the level.
Balloon Hunter Icon
3 Stars Icon

Balloon Hunter

You are an archer and you must burst as many balloons as you can!
Battle of the Bob Icon
3 Stars Icon

Battle of the Bob

Fly around in your biplane protect your battle ship and shoot down enemy bombers.
Bear Drop Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bear Drop

Move the colored bears over their respected color position on ship to save them.
Beaver Trouble Icon
3 Stars Icon

Beaver Trouble

Watch out! The ugly pig is dropping construction material on you.
Beer Monster Icon
3 Stars Icon

Beer Monster

Collect all the beers and head for the exit
Bike Mania On Ice Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bike Mania On Ice

Try to make your bike to the end without crashing.
Billiards Icon
3 Stars Icon


Billiard game: Παιχνιδια Μπιλιαρδο, Play a great online billiards game.
Birdy Icon
3 Stars Icon


Eat all the smaller birds and avoid all the larger ones.
Blair The Motivator Icon
3 Stars Icon

Blair The Motivator

Can you help Tony motivate the party into shape?
Blitz Icon
3 Stars Icon


Fly around your plane over the city bomb the buildings before you crash into them.
Blob Farm Icon
3 Stars Icon

Blob Farm

Keep the blobs safe. Drag and drop them out of harms away. Keep them away from green slime.
Blood Shed Guy Icon
3 Stars Icon

Blood Shed Guy

Create your own blood shed character. Change armor, face, hands, and guns.
Blot Goes to Hell! Icon
3 Stars Icon

Blot Goes to Hell!

Blot screwed up and went to hell run through the fiery spiked areas weird looking down and shoot down zombies with your gun.
Bluey Icon
3 Stars Icon


Your Bluey the dolphin, eat as many fish as you can without being killed by the dangerous sharks.
Bobby World Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bobby World

Try and score as many points as possible without dying.
Bomb Jack Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bomb Jack

Earn points by collecting items and avoiding being bombed.
Bomby Bomy Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bomby Bomy

Bounce the bombs around and blow the others up.
Boo Icon
3 Stars Icon


This game is based on the old simon.
Bouncy the Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bouncy the Ball

Move through the level, bounce up and down, avoid fire and other dangers while picking up coins.
Breeder Icon
3 Stars Icon


Welcome to breeder. You will start off with two rabbits, one male, one female. By clicking and dragging the male to the female you will initiate a "breeding session". After a short gestation period a baby rabbit will emerge. When the baby rabbit becomes an adult rabbit, it too may be involved in a "breeding session" and so on and so forth.
Bubble Wrap Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bubble Wrap

Feeling stressed? Then take it out on the virtual BubbleWrap and when you're done hit reset for another sheet!
Bump Copter 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bump Copter 2

Fly your little heli-copter past all the crazy obstacles in Bump Copter 2.
Bush Aerobics Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bush Aerobics

Help President Bush get fit and ready for the sweetest day of his life.
Bush Fall Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bush Fall

This is an amazing animation with great ragdoll physics.
Bush tomato! Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bush tomato!

Throw tomatoes, eggs, cakes etc. at George Bush!
Buzzer Icon
3 Stars Icon


Play a simple but extremely challening game where you must move the mouse in exactly the right spot.
Car (Beta) Icon
3 Stars Icon

Car (Beta)

Drive around the field in your sports car, fly sky high when you run over mines, use turbo boost and avoid crates.
Castle Cat Icon
3 Stars Icon

Castle Cat

Run around as castlcat jump up the platforms avoid heavy knights and defeat the dragon.
Castle Cat 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon

Castle Cat 3

Castle Cat is back with his cannon going through the desert and destroying enemies.
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Τα Παιχνιδια ανταποκρινονται στην αναγκη των ανθρωπων για διασκεδαση και ψυχαγωγια ανεξαρτητως ηλικιας. Περα απο τη διασκεδαση ομως, λειτουργουν και ως φυγη απο την καθημερινη ρουτινα, προσφεροντας πολλες φορες και νοητικη ασκηση, παιχνιδια οπως το σκακι, Ταβλι Backgammon, νταμα, τα παιχνιδία στρατηγικής, τα παιδικά παιχνίδια αλλα και επιτραπεζια παιχνιδια οπως η Monopoly. Μια αλλη κατηγορια ειναι τα 1001 παιχνιδια γνωσεων, σαν το Trivial, τα τυχερα παιχνιδια με χαρτια, οπως το ποκερ, το μπριτζ, ρουλετα, Super Deal game κ.α. Αλλοι παλι προτιμουν τα πολυ διαδεδομενα Tetris, Sudoku, PacMan Game Monopoly Rise of Atlantis Παιχνιδι Τετρις, Arcanoid, Bubble Bobble ... Τα περισσοτερα απο αυτα εχουν μεταφερθει και στον υπολογιστη και ως free Games Online. Το Arcade Games.gr προσφερει μια μεγαλη ποικιλια απο δωρεαν παιχνιδια για να περασετε την ωρα σας ευχαριστα, για να παιξετε απο καθε υπολογιστη, ανεξαρτητως λειτουργικου συστηματος. Εδω τα Paixnidia online εχουν την τιμητική τους. Δεν χρειαζεται να εχετε ακριβο computer για Pc gamers, τα 1001 παιδικα παιχνιδια χρησιμοποιουν το Adobe flash player ή Adobe Shockwave Playe, καλο ειναι να εχετε την νεοτερη εκδοση. Διαλεξτε το παιχνιδι video game και παιξτε.
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