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  Δεν εχετε Game Console, Sony Playstation μήπως Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, iPod ή Microsoft Xbox 360 για να παιζετε δωρεαν παιχνιδια, ουτε και εμεις! Αλλα μπορουμε να παιξουμε computer free games online σε καθε υπολογιστη! Απο τη δουλεια, το σπιτι ή το internet cafe, απο desktop computer ή το laptop σας στην παραλια, απο Apple computer ή Pc με windows ή linux. Χωρις download στο computer σας παιξτε dorean paixnidia. Το Arcade Games εχει τα καλυτερα παιχνίδια και παιζει παντου! Με νεα δωρεαν παιχνιδια γνωσεων και video, Greek Movies καθε μηνα, εδω το παιχνιδι παιρνει αλλη διασταση. Καλη διασκέδαση με paidika paixnidia.

Νεα Παιχνιδια
1.Bloons Tower 5
2.Minecart Madness
3.Canyon Defense 2
4.Canyon Shooter 2
5.Baja Motocross
6.Commando 3
8.Saloon Brawl
9.Boom Bugs
10.Lady Gaga Dress up
11.Free Bike
12.Superhero Pizza
13.Egg Blast
14.Hong Kong Ninja
15.Monster island
16.Basketball in the Streets
17.Egyptian Tale
18.Assault Course
19.On The Run Vegas
20.Blackbeards Island
21.Gorillaz tiles
22.The power of Smiling
23.The Orangutan and the Hound
24.Funny Circus
25.Ben 10 Power Splash
Δημοφιλή παιχνίδια
1. Super Deal - Deal or No Deal
2. Ταβλι Backgammon
3. Παιχνίδι με βελάκια Balloons Monkey Game
4. Tetris Game
5. Gold Miner
6. Tetris
7. Bubble Bobble
8. Pac Man
9. Super Mario Rampage
10. Monopoly Game Μονοπολη
11. Bike Mania
12. Mario 2
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1 arcanoid
2 glowing
3 sperm
4 tennis tournament
5 paixnidia
6 time
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Adventure Elf Icon
3 Stars Icon

Adventure Elf

Frank and all his other penguin pals have raided Santa's sleigh. (These penguins are pretty dumb and mistook the shiny, colorfully wrapped toys for big cans of tuna.) It?s up to Oliver the Elf, to find those gifts and return them back to the Kringle Toy Factory so Santa can make his deliveries.
Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees Icon
3 Stars Icon

Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees

Miles outside the city, a delivery truck is in route with a mysterious payload! Suddenly, one of Santa?s elves opens the back gate and begins frantically tossing the boxes off of the truck! The artificial trees have mutated and are sucking the spirit out of Christmas. Help the elf beat these bad guys by hitting them with snow balls!
Spank the Frank Icon
3 Stars Icon

Spank the Frank

It?s that time of the year, all the toys have been made, Santa?s sleigh is loaded up, and the elves have a kitchen pass to go out and Spank the Frank! Oliver the Elf, foreman at the Kringle Toy Factory #7, is up to no good again. You must safely spank one of his penguin pals into the floating baskets for points. Miss the basket and you?ll be singing another Frank bites the dust.
100 Men  Icon
3 Stars Icon

100 Men

Οι ζωές 100 ανδρών ειναι στα χέρια σου. Σκοπος σου ειναι να κρατήσεις τη θεση μαχης οσο το δυνατον περισσοτερο, ωστε να μπορεσουν να δραπετευσουν. The lives of 100 Men depend on you holding this position long enough for them to escape!
Sky Diver Icon
3 Stars Icon

Sky Diver

Your task is to reach the ground safely! Use your mouse to set up the power of the jump and then click! Collect small parachutes to get extra lives!
Balloon Park  Icon
3 Stars Icon

Balloon Park

Help children go in the incredible flight by delivering helium to baloons!
Painter Madness  Icon
3 Stars Icon

Painter Madness

What's the most important in painting? To deliver the paint to the painter!
Drink delivery Icon
3 Stars Icon

Drink delivery

Jackson's job is to deliver the orders to his customers on the beach in time!
Scooby's madness Icon
3 Stars Icon

Scooby's madness

Scooby's madness game: Follow the suspicious character, take 6 photos and deliver them to the police!
Planegame Icon
3 Stars Icon


Help the Koala brothers deliver boxes by clicking on the box of the right color!
Asteroids Icon
3 Stars Icon


Clear the nuisance in the Asteroid Belt sector 379 and come back alive!
Gold Miner Vegas Icon
3 Stars Icon

Gold Miner Vegas

Before you can leave Australia you need some more money!
Start Flight Icon
3 Stars Icon

Start Flight

Guide your ship through the space and try to stay alive!
War of roses Icon
3 Stars Icon

War of roses

Deliver the roses to guests in the restaurant!
Demonic Touch and Go  Icon
3 Stars Icon

Demonic Touch and Go

Make bridges on the rooftops and stay alive as long as you can.
Float Icon
3 Stars Icon


Keep your ball alive without hitting the spikes and gather as many stars as possible.
RED Icon
3 Stars Icon


Shoot the asteroids with spacebar and aim by clicking. keep your station alive as long as possible.
Ellipsis Icon
3 Stars Icon


Click on the evil squares and keep your amazing circle alive.
Tank Patrol Icon
3 Stars Icon

Tank Patrol

Keep your tank alive at all costs!
Street Fo Valhalla Icon
3 Stars Icon

Street Fo Valhalla

Don't let anything get in your way, shoot cars and just stay alive!
Desert hunter Icon
3 Stars Icon

Desert hunter

Shoot the mean aegels in the desert, before they eat you alive!
Narco Trafficker Icon
3 Stars Icon

Narco Trafficker

Try to collect and deliver all the coke!
Roman Rumble Icon
3 Stars Icon

Roman Rumble

Jump over the knives, collect coins and roman vases. The longer you live, the better the score.
Kamikaze Frogs Icon
3 Stars Icon

Kamikaze Frogs

Kamikaze frogs will give their lives to get you stop them before they destroy your screen!
Bush Royal Rampage Icon
3 Stars Icon

Bush Royal Rampage

Protect the Royal alive!
Chomper Icon
3 Stars Icon


Stay alive and chomp as many worms as you can.
Haunted House Icon
3 Stars Icon

Haunted House

Can you escape the haunted house alive? Try this Halloween-inspired game!
Halloween --- Kill the witches Icon
3 Stars Icon

Halloween --- Kill the witches

It is halloween and the witches are flying... it is up to you to shoot them down. You have 1 live, shoot as many as you can! Each time a witch manages to fly across the screen you will hear their evil laugh and you'll lose a life. have fun!!
Pack the Packages Icon
3 Stars Icon

Pack the Packages

You play as a mailman who has to collect all the correct envelopes and deliver them to the truck as many times as they can before time runs out.
Pack War Icon
3 Stars Icon

Pack War

Your task is to deliver a package for FedEx and keep UPS from getting a monopoly. Shoot the UPs tanks and dodge their missiles.
Speed Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon

Speed Ball

Try to keep the ball from hitting the bottom you have 5 lives good luck.
Tsunami Icon
3 Stars Icon


Deliver the packs.
The Big Hit Icon
3 Stars Icon

The Big Hit

Deliver bone-crunching, big-hitting tackles to the opposition and get your team to the top of the ru
Soul Master Icon
3 Stars Icon

Soul Master

Guide Death through the dark Hell, capture the souls and deliver them to the tombstone to let them escape.
Six Feet Under Icon
3 Stars Icon

Six Feet Under

Help Alex, the hearse driver deliver the coffins to the cemetery on time for the burial.
Udder Madness Icon
3 Stars Icon

Udder Madness

Stop the cows filling up with milk to keep them alive.
Starcraft FA 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon

Starcraft FA 3

This is an awesome game to play, you protect you base while re-filling and keeping your base alive.
The Cave of Death Icon
3 Stars Icon

The Cave of Death

Travel through this deadly cave finding clues and a way to escape alive.
Space Icon
3 Stars Icon


Try to keep alive by beating the other ship for fuel.
Sakis Rouvas Eurovision 2009 Greece Icon
3 Stars Icon

Sakis Rouvas Eurovision 2009 Greece

Σακης Ρουβας live from Eurovision 2009 Greece Sakis Rouvas "This is our night". Η Ελληνική συμμετοχη με το Σακη Ρουβα. This is our night, this is the live version of the winning song from Eurovision 2009.
AC DC - Thunderstruck Icon
3 Stars Icon

AC DC - Thunderstruck

Οι AC DC τραγουδουν Thunderstruck, το video ειναι απο live συναυλια στην Αμερικη. Μονο εμεις λειπουμε απο τη συναυλια...
Spin Kicker soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon

Spin Kicker soccer

Spin Kicker παιχνιδια ποδοσφαιρο: Εχεις 3 λεπτα για να βαλεις οσα περισσοτερα γκολ μπορεις, θα τα καταφερεις να κερδισει η ομαδα σου. Εισαι αρκετα καλος παικτης στο ποδοσφαιρο. Κανε προπονηση και οδηγησε την ομαδα σου στη νικη. Στο ποδοσφαιρακι, χρησιμοποιησε τα πληκτρα για να ελεγξεις τον παικτη σου και τον τερματοφυλακα σου, ενω με το space bar βαζεις δυναμη για το σουτ. Παιχνιδια ποδοσφαιρο για αγορια, καλη μπαλα και με τη νικη.
On The Run Vegas Icon
3 Stars Icon

On The Run Vegas

On The Run Vegas: Ξεφυγε με το αγωνιστικο αυτοκινητο στο ΛΑς Βεγκας και παρεδωσε τα εγγραφα για να παρεις τα πρασινα χαρτονομισματα. You are on the run in Vegas, now deliver the documents!
Canyon Defense 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon

Canyon Defense 2

Υπερασπισου τα εδαφη σου, οργανωσε τη στρατηγική σου και προστατευσε το φαραγγι. From the depths of the Canyon where the inhabitants live peacefully on sacred grounds, their livelihood is disrupted by the machinery of destruction. You must defend your village and people with advanced anti war equipment against the waves of enemies.

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Τα Παιχνιδια ανταποκρινονται στην αναγκη των ανθρωπων για διασκεδαση και ψυχαγωγια ανεξαρτητως ηλικιας. Περα απο τη διασκεδαση ομως, λειτουργουν και ως φυγη απο την καθημερινη ρουτινα, προσφεροντας πολλες φορες και νοητικη ασκηση, παιχνιδια οπως το σκακι, Ταβλι Backgammon, νταμα, τα παιχνιδία στρατηγικής, τα παιδικά παιχνίδια αλλα και επιτραπεζια παιχνιδια οπως η Monopoly. Μια αλλη κατηγορια ειναι τα 1001 παιχνιδια γνωσεων, σαν το Trivial, τα τυχερα παιχνιδια με χαρτια, οπως το ποκερ, το μπριτζ, ρουλετα, Super Deal game κ.α. Αλλοι παλι προτιμουν τα πολυ διαδεδομενα Tetris, Sudoku, PacMan Game Monopoly Rise of Atlantis Παιχνιδι Τετρις, Arcanoid, Bubble Bobble ... Τα περισσοτερα απο αυτα εχουν μεταφερθει και στον υπολογιστη και ως free Games Online. Το Arcade Games.gr προσφερει μια μεγαλη ποικιλια απο δωρεαν παιχνιδια για να περασετε την ωρα σας ευχαριστα, για να παιξετε απο καθε υπολογιστη, ανεξαρτητως λειτουργικου συστηματος. Εδω τα Paixnidia online εχουν την τιμητική τους. Δεν χρειαζεται να εχετε ακριβο computer για Pc gamers, τα 1001 παιδικα παιχνιδια χρησιμοποιουν το Adobe flash player ή Adobe Shockwave Playe, καλο ειναι να εχετε την νεοτερη εκδοση. Διαλεξτε το παιχνιδι video game και παιξτε.
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